YLF Transformational Leadership Program will take you through a development journey where your untapped potential will be explored, enriched and developed.
YLF has decided to step in and help in bridging the gap between the current competencies required for them to be a transformational leader.
Our Model is based on empowering our Youth Leaders with the essential competencies which will help them develop and succeed in their life and future work.
This 10 months development program will use the Action – Reflection – Skill based learning style which will enlighten your vision and take you through a path filled with:


Based on the famous Leadership Transformational model we will equip our future leaders with the essential tools and skills to empower them to:

1.Be the employee of choice for potential employers.
2.Lead and develop their own business and join the most successful entrepreneurs as they make their dreams come true.
3. Engage and serve their community as community leaders and catalyst of change with their potential to own and deliver their cause to help and serve.


Improve quality of skills and expertise required for potential Youth Leaders.

Enhance the effective engagement of potential Youth Leaders by providing them with the appropriate career and character guidance.
Strengthen the dialogue between the Young Leaders and the governmental organisations through channels of communications and representation of their skills and capabilities.
Work in partnership with talented and reputed expertise and consultants in the areas of education and character building
Advocate on the principles of effective leadership across younger generation within the Egyptian Community.